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~ talk ~

so i see u want to read about me.... strange... why would you want to know about someone that you have never seen or met before?? maybe you accidentally clicked on to the "me" link and figured that u have nothing else better to do so you decided to read on what this "niji" guy's all about...

well, i guess you would like me to talk about myself if u decided to keep on reading. well let's see.... i was born in hong kong which makes me chinese, n i came here (canada) when i was 4 yr old, so i dun know much about hong kong, or even chinese culture for that matter. my name, niji, is japanese, meaning rainbow, and it was the name of a laruku song. most of the other information about me is written on the right --->

the reason i started this site was (1) i was bored n had nothing else better to do, (2) i like laruku, (3) i like glay, and (4) i just felt like it. i dun expect much people to come by this site, nor do i expect myself to update this site all that much. i'll probably get lazy after awhile and become tired of having to sit in front of the computer for such a long time typing up HTML, uploading pics, and thinking of a design layout for my page.

i wouldn't mind if u were to tell other people about my site. maybe if my site reached a certain level of popularity, i might become motivated n decide to keep the site going for a longer period of time (maybe).

anyways, that's about it from niji. feel free to look around this site. remember, jrock4eva, and laruku4life

~ me ~

Name: niji
Age: 15
Ht: 177cm
Wt: 120lbs
Sex: M
Nationality: Chinese
Born: HK
Location: BC, Canada
Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, French (un peu), Mandarin (yi dian dian)
Likes: laruku, glay, japanese music (jpop & jrock), videogames, hashimoto mami, shimabukuro hiroko, uehara takako, kimutaku, sorimachi takashi, matsushima nanako, j-doramas, tv, computer, piracy, sleeping in, cool cars, money, procrastination
Dislikes: school, teachers, homework, annoying people, people who think they're cool but they're not, people who never bring their own stuff and are always borrowing other people's stuff but then they either break it or lose it, crappy cars, bugs, grammar, boredom
Fave band: laruku
Fave vocalist: hyde
Fave guitarist: ken
Fave bassist: tetsu
Fave drummer: yukihiro
Other bands i like: glay, dir en grey
Other vocalists i like: teru, kyo, toshi, yasu
Other guitarists i like: hisashi, takuro, sugizo, hide, die, kaoru
Other bassists i like: jiro, toshiya, j
Other drummers i like: shinya, yoshiki
Fave laruku song: niji, love flies, pieces, vivid colors, shi no hai, heaven's drive...... (all!)
Fave glay song: yuuwaku, however, mermaid, tomadoi...... (all!)
Fave j-dorama: love gen, beach boys, GTO, long vacation
Fave colour: gurei
Fave cars: BMW Z3 and Z9(dun like Z8), Honda S2000, Audi TT, Toyota RAV4, BMW M coupe, Acura MDX
Fave places: tokyo, osaka, hong kong, vancouver, toronto, seoul
Fave videogames: FF7, FF6, Chrono, Trigger, Chrono Cross, GT2, RE2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK, Soul Calibur, Tekken Tag, The Sims, DDR, Drummania, Guitar Freaks, Beatmania, POKEMON!!!!!!! ........... (the list goes on...)

~ my idols ~

hyde- vocalist of L'Arc~en~Ciel (laruku)

my favorite singer of all time. i love his songs. i can't describe how great his voice his. once you listen to him sing, you will surely be captivated in awe. his voice is like a drug: once you listen to him, you will be dying for more. did i also mention that he writes amazing lyrics? (about 95% of all song lyrics are written by hyde)

teru- vocalist of Glay

my second favorite singer. teru used to be my favorite singer until i heard hyde. his voice is very soothing. like hyde, if you really want to know how great he is, the only way is to listen to one of his songs.

tetsu- bassist + leader of L'Arc~en~Ciel (laruku)

a great composer. all his songs are really great, catchy and addictive. his music, combined with hyde's lyrics, are truly awesome. besides the fact that he's a great composer, he's also a great bassist. he just looks so cool when he plays his bass.

takuro- guitarist + leader of Glay

another great composer. his songs are simply amazing. although he is usually the least noticeable in glay (like in pics- he's usually the one in the very back, and he's not the main guitarist), if it wasn't for him, glay would not be where it is today. without takuro, there wouldn't be great songs like mermaid, survival, you may dream etc.

ken- guitarist of l'arc~en~ciel (laruku)

my favorite guitarist. he's probably the next best guitarist, close behind hide of x-japan. most people think that hisashi is a better guitarist than ken, but i like ken better because he also writes great music, though he might not look it.

yukihiro- drummer of l'arc~en~ciel (laruku)

the master of drums. he's also a great composer. many people dun like him that much since most people were used to sakura (ex-drummer of laruku). they say he's more of a rock-type drummer and did not match the image of laruku, while sakura was more poppish and more suitable for laruku. Nonetheless, i still like yukihiro for his great skills as a drummer.